Tuesday, November 3, 2015

our morning

 This morning I got home from helping in Ellie's Portuguese class, and it was so windy and rainy and blustery that I just couldn't get us out the door again to head to story time. So we stayed home, warm and cozy and made chicken pot pie for dinner (!) And since we were starting at 9:30 in the morning, I knew we had plenty of time for little boy help,  so Owen peeled all the carrots and potatoes while Porter played in his bar stool train under the counter. Then while we waited for things to boil, we started on a triple batch of carrot muffins (this almost-winter Fall time has me feeling like I need to do something to get ready for winter -- like fill our freezer with muffins?)  My patience wore down a little when Porter joined in... oh! I love cooking with these boys, but this little one sure loves to cause mischief while he's helping! But we managed happily and even baked and blended some squash to freeze for later. And finally play dough time with the boys "And you play with us Mom!"