Monday, March 23, 2015

A week of green

I had such fun making all sorts of green foods last week for St. Patrick's day. Looking online for ideas, it was tempting to set aside our treat plan and enjoy all the fun and fancy green treats I found... but I tried to make some healthier/non-food coloring snacks mostly (though we still had a few of those too!)
We had: green pancakes (twice), green fruits + green fruit dip, green (spinach) smoothies, green 'popeye' muffins, ants on a log, green fruit salad, green eggs & ham sandwiches, green trail mix, graham crackers w/ green milk (definitely the strangest one!), green quesadillas,  and homemade oreos w/ green frosting.

All the kids, and Ellie especially make celebrating these little holidays in silly ways just so fun!