Thursday, March 5, 2015

on the road again

I've been running this week -  not much and not fast, but running!

Before Porter was born, I was as strong as I'd ever been and I was running every day (usually just a mile, but every day) - even through the first few months of my pregnancy (!)   And even after I slowed to a quick walk, I was still outside every day on my favorite routes. (A sweet lady who I often passed stopped to chat one day right around my due date and sweetly said "you'll jog yourself right to the delivery room!") It was so exciting to feel so strong and capable and grateful for my healthy body.

Just after Porter was born though I started having some major joint problems and felt like I'd suddenly aged about 50 years (someday I know I'll read that and laugh, though it sure felt true at the time :)  Besides some more intense problems with my hands and arms, my first few quick runs left me feeling for weeks like I'd never run (or maybe even walk normally!) again. Gratefully, ( I can't say even say how grateful I am!)  things have gradually improved, and now I'm just so thrilled to be easing back into this habit that I love so much.