Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I did it!

This month, I've finally been running again - and every day I've been just amazed and so very grateful for what I can do. (And it's not so much -- but it's so much for me!)  I have my usual walking route, and each week this month I've set my plan for where my running/walking breaks will be. Week 1 had about 1 minute running to 3 minutes of walking, week 2 a little more running, week 3 a little more...

Week 4 started Monday and I had in the back of my mind a goal to maybe just run the whole thing (!!) But then I found myself coming up with all sorts of excuses to even get out the door. My morning jobs took a little longer than usual so my schedule was a little late... it was a rainy day and I had just straightened my hair... we had yummy Old Grist Mill muffins for Ellie's after school snack and I told Jordan "I just want to eat my muffin... and maybe I'll go later?"

But, hooray for Jordan, he watched the kids even and sent me out the door. And I did it! I ran the whole route I had planned and I felt just exactly like this picture of  Landon on top of the mountain.  It certainly wasn't far or fast, but oh! I am stronger than I thought!