Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blankets/guest room

I always think of guest rooms as the fanciest room in a house. Two beds neatly spaced with matching white bedspreads, white bookcases with a lovingly chosen collection of books and picture frames and wonderful little trinkets to look at. And night stands with matching lamps and pretty little silver trays to set your things before you drift off to sleep...

As any guests to our home know, our 'guest room' isn't like this :) Except for the hours when a guest is actually sleeping in this room, the guest room is mostly our blanket play place. Many times I've tried to fold up the blankets and stack them neatly, but one adventure or another always soon requires blankets (never just 1 or 2 or 6 or 7... all the blankets that can be found anywhere - watch out upstairs beds!)  Every once in a while a child who has gotten into mischief will be given the job to pile all the blankets on one of the spare beds. But it never takes long before a new game or adventure comes along and off they go.

And really I know I could set some rules and solve the blanket messes -- but the kids have such fun! One of the things I remember playing with most as a kid (besides waffle blocks) were little blanket towns we'd make. We'd take a big blanket and drop it just so, and then take our little guys and find homes for them in the folds and wrinkles and twists of the blanket.  And I remember that being so magical and fun. So, the blankets stay.  Someday we'll have a neatly arranged linen closet and a lovely little guest room. Right now I'll remember how much I really do love the blanket forts and hot lava protection and blanket towns and blanket rides and all the other magical creations the kids dream up for our blanket collection.