Monday, March 16, 2015


Landon's Portuguese class has been working on putting together reports on animals (in Portuguese). Last week, we got a handwritten invitation (by Landon) to come visit their class on Friday morning to see what they'd been working on -- and it was so great! All around the classroom were really super displays that the kids had made about their animals, and as you walked around each group would give you a little presentation all about the animal they had studied. All the kids did so well! It's been so fun to see how much they are learning.

Even in the last few months, they've picked up so much. At the beginning of January I started to go in each week and at first I could almost always answer questions or help them a bit with the words they didn't know as they worked on projects. This morning, I was realizing that I'm really going to have to work harder on my own Portuguese study to keep up with them because already Landon has to translate for me before I can go help any of his classmates!

They have a Portuguese only rule in their classroom, and I think it is so funny the way they try to get around this rule. They'll often ask "Como se diz...pencil? or Como se diz... play? when they need help with one word or something. But they'll also say things like (and this is totally a habit for them all now!) "Como se diz How long is it until we go to lunch?" or whatever it is they want to talk to each other about -- as long as it has "como se diz" in front, it's legal :)