Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An afternoon snack

This is how I say "I love you" to Jordan :)

We've been eating asparagus like crazy this Spring. I've never liked it, though I've made it once or twice for Jordan. But, I just discovered this recipe (super easy -- oil, salt, pepper, roast for 10 minutes.) and now we've been eating asparagus several times a week for the past month or so. Hooray for a super healthy yum snack/side dish!

(We've been trying lots of new foods lately, and my rule for the kids has been that they take one bite and then politely ask for 'more please' or say 'no thank you'. They've been doing better and better (and sometimes really awesome even). But the asparagus was too much for little Owen (who is our best new food taster usually). We finally had pity and tucked his little bites into a brown bobby ( just a spoonful of sugar helps the asparagus go down) and then he managed just fine.  :)