Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We had a great snow storm yesterday with more snow through the night. The kids woke up this morning and bundled themselves all up to run out and play before school, like it was the first day of winter. (Because really it pretty much is our first really snowy day this year!) Jordan got Landon up extra early and they went out for a snowy walk before their scripture study. And I took Owen and Porter out in the stroller later in the morning for my walk (I decided this was the week I was really going to get back into my favorite daily habit, even if it meant a snowy walk/arm workout pushing the stroller)

My favorite part of it all was watching Landon so excited to show Porter the snow. With my rule set that Porter wasn't to go out outside, Landon brought little bits of snow into the garage for him so he could still touch and feel it while technically following the rules. These boys (and Ellie too!)  were so happy for such a fun snow day!