Friday, December 7, 2018

Cello update

getting ready for the performance (and fuzzy from a back-of-the-lunchroom taken pic)
Yesterday I got to go to my first Hillcrest orchestra performance!

Ellie has been loving the cello. She'll practice most days without being reminded (usually piano too! though that occasionally/often includes 'why do we have to do piano??') And she's making great progress.

Last week, Ellie was wanting something new to work on so I just scribbled down the notes for 'Jolly Old St. Nicholas'. A few days later she was ready to perform for me. She played it, but then explained it was so tricky because of a certain hand position/change. I suggested maybe she could try it in another key (thinking I could write down all the notes for her again). But, as soon as I told her the first note, she played the whole song in the new key with an excited "that was easier!"

Whenever I sit with Ellie to practice, she lets me practice my song too (that she taught me), and I'm getting better and better at Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!

Ellie went to a cell performance last weekend with a friend, and I was sure that she would be ready to leave by intermission. I was surprised to get a text at intermission saying 'the girls are having a great time, so we'll stay till the end." And she did have a great time!

I'm excited for this great new growing talent for Ellie!