Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas!

It's 8:20 on Christmas Eve, and all of the kids are asleep (magic!) Sometime in the last few years, we started a tradition of a guest room sleepover party on the night before Christmas. Last year I added Christmas lights and a table of decorations and the guest room became "The Christmas Eve Room". 

This afternoon, Ellie and Owen helped me make up the beds and hang lights and they made snowflakes, big and small, to add to the decorations. 

This evening we celebrated Christmas with Jen and Jeremiah's family with dinner and a nativity program. (Ellie helped make the plans and was most excited to include a few great cello songs which I loved too.) We sang and played a few Christmas songs and read the story of the Savior's birth and acted out the Nativity with costumes and all :) (With a baby Aubrey even and the cutest little Alex and Isaac angels!) 

Through the evening the kids were asking off and on "Can I go to the Christmas Eve room now?" And when the answer was finally yes, they were so super excited! And amazingly, sometime on their own after reading Christmas stories together (plus magic treehouse for Porter to listen to, and favorite books for Ellie and Landon that they were in the middle of)  they even turned off the lights (Christmas string included) and fell asleep!

Merry Christmas tomorrow!

And a few little favorite Christmas things I've loved the last while --

a favorite song by Debra Fotheringham
an instagram post that has stuck with me
and a sweet Christmas story from my favorite recipe pro