Thursday, December 6, 2018

Muir Woods

When Jordan and I were dating, we took a quick trip out to California to meet his family and such (that sounds much more official than it was, or at least that's what I thought at the time :) and while we were there we went to see the Redwoods at Muir Woods (on the left above). When we were in California for Fall break this year, we visited again with Winslow and Nathan & Rachel and the kids (I think we'd been before with a couple of them...) and it was a fun little adventure!

{Actually, that is all true. But also, I was being kind of quite grumpy on this visit. We had brought the stroller for Isaac and I was imagining a serene little walk through the gorgeous forest... but Isaac was just thrilled to be running and walking and exploring and playing... and that wasn't my plan so I didn't take the chance to enjoy it. Instead I was kind of quite mad at Jordan for letting him run so happily around. I wish I'd just enjoyed the beautiful place and Isaac's sweet excitement and Jordan's good call to let him enjoy it too! Next time, I'll know (and do) better!}

But! Just look at those smiling kids up there!  And really it is such a beautiful place. My favorite part was Porter finding a few little spots and asking, "can we take a picture of each person right here?" 

They have a big slice of a trunk on display with world events marked on the tree rings, and it is amazing to think of how much history these trees have lived through! I guess even a bit of Brough family history, though that would all be the tiniest fraction in the life of these trees!

Ah-ha! We had been once more with the kids. Even if I can't really remember it, I know it happened :) Hooray for this blog holding on to these memories for me!