Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekend fun

Saturday night, we got to go to the temple with Landon for the first time and it was just a great experience! And so neat to share this with our Landon!

Also this weekend... 

Ellie's orchestra concert! I thought it would be just her school again, but it was all the Logan elementary school orchestra programs and it was so fun to see everything come together with such a big group. The boys were antsy, but Jordan helped with the wiggle-iest and I really enjoyed the concert :)

A youth fireside for Landon. I was planning to go to this with him, but when something came up at the same time I realized it would probably be better anyway for him to go on his own.  (It was all about not getting hooked on tech/social media. We've had many conversations over the last couple of years about why his watch phone was sufficient and why we wouldn't be getting him a real phone any time/year/lifetime soon ;) so I thought maybe having the same info shared in a fun way without Mom right there might be better anyway :) When he came home so excited about not having a smart phone and suggesting I should delete instagram, I knew the evening was a success! :)

Also, hide and seek and board games with friends for the kiddos, games and sunday dinner with friends, a friends' birthday party for Owen, a Christmas shopping outing with Porter, a clean garage and cleared sidewalks by Jordan... a happy December weekend!