Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas pic

10 things I love about this  picture:

1. That cute angel on top! And how for some reason she's sitting sideways...

2. That little "The Children Sing" book on top of the bookshelf. Jordan got that (I think) from his Grandma Brough. And a few times someone (always over 60) has glanced in and seen it there from the front door and immediately brightened "I remember that!"

3. The ukulele in the corner -- Jordan brought that home from Brazil ( I think :) and I set it on top of a little white bookshelf in our first little Provo house and loved it. And I've since left it out as a decoration and it has fallen from that little spot on the shelf so many times, the strings are lose or broken from many years of little fingers... still somehow it makes me happy just to see it!

4. The great mishmash of ornaments -- treasures from when Jordan was little, paper creations by the kids, art projects I've helped with, the little angel I bought at the Eldred Center Christmas Holiday Market when our middle school choir sang there...

5. That wedding photo on the top shelf, and how I'm looking up at Jordan with such a smile, and how my step-brother Parker took that (and other) great pictures and I was so grateful!

6. That funny Santa up on top - I think this must have been a wedding gift? I really can't remember except that we've always had it and I love pulling it out of our Christmas boxes each year because we've just always had it :)

7. The sparkly Christmas tree behind it from Jordan's Grandma Johnston made with necklaces, earrings, and other treasures, even a gold "Maxine" in the middle

8. The picture up on top of the baby Jesus by an artist that I love.

9. Ha! Those trophies on the second shelf. We brought them home with us from our trip to Livermore for Fall break (they're are from Jordan's elementary school-ish days :) and they have just floated around on that bookshelf for the last few months!

10. All those favorite books!