Wednesday, December 5, 2018

school days

Here's a little story problem from our family - There are 4 children who come home from school feeling happy at the end of the day.  1 child leaves happily out the door to catch the bus at his friend's house in the morning + 3 children are happy as soon as their feet hit the ground, out of the van and on the way in to school. 4 children are doing great in their classes. But 1 child feels many mornings through the getting-ready-for-school routines like there is nothing good in life if school has to be a part of it!!  What should the mom of this dear child do?

How about a brainstorming session here...

I'm thinking as I write this down that maybe it's the getting-ready-for-school routines that are the problem maybe? I know there are good things happening at school -- we drove past this morning and happened to see this 1 school-dreading child out running and playing with friends and building a snowman... 

Here's what I think I can try (I'll report back tomorrow, maybe :)

1. get this kiddo to bed on time tonight
2. help get a lunch made tonight
3. set out clothes, backpack, boots, all the things tonight.
4. play a game before school? Will this make them feel like the morning's not so bad, or like they just want to stay home and keep playing games and oh! school is the worst thing in the world, why do I have to go?! hmmm...
5. pray for help
6. get everything out tonight for an easy breakfast
7. talk through the morning about what interesting things are happening during the day (with all the kids)
8. what else?

We'll see how tomorrow morning goes! :)