Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas Break!

Christmastime 1988-ish 
It's officially Christmas Break at our house! Owen turned down a playday for the afternoon because he was READY to have an afternoon to do just be home and do whatever he wants to do. He and Porter may have already been banished to the basement while Isaac naps after some intense (and loud) 'do whatever they want to do' time :)

Coming up: cleaning organizing all the things (?) (I was starting to feel kind of on top of things at home, but the last couple weeks have me wishing for some time to just get all the things straightened out again!),  playing games (kids), working (Jordan), wrapping presents (happily me!), lots more Christmas music, arranging a trombone/cello/piano Jingle Bells for the kids by their request, UPS dropoffs and a DI dropoff and returns,  (to-be-late) Christmas cards?,  watching Christmas movies (or at least Muppet Christmas Carol), painting rocks with Porter (and all the other 'maybe later' kinds of things of the past week or two!), lego robotics planning and prep...

and just some happy Christmas break time.