Tuesday, December 11, 2018


My morning walks have been rare these days (Porter and Isaac aren't so excited about bundling up in the mornings, and I've found that my energy to get myself out the door isn't quite enough to cover all 3 of us. But it is beautiful, isn't it?

But really I wanted to write about friends today. I've just had a few sweet little things this past week that have made me really grateful for good friends.

+ We had our 9th annual ladies night Christmas party that a few ladies from our neighborhood host - and it's always just so fun. And I felt so happy just looking around and seeing all of these good women who I feel so lucky to know!

+ Last week for Young Women's we went caroling to a few neighbors. When I pulled up at the church (thinking, where do I park? where do we meet? this is all new...!)  I was happy to see other's arriving at the same time, and when I got out, one of the girls called out "Hi Debbie!" and I just felt so loved :)

+ Yesterday at lunch, I got a call from the school (one of the few phone calls I'll actually always answer - Hillcrest during school hours!) and the secretary asked if I could make it to a district meeting that afternoon.  I almost called back to say I had a busy afternoon and have you tried calling  so-and-so or so-and-so... (great friends that I know are so willing to help out whenever they can!) But Jordan was happy to help, so he brought his meeting inside to the kitchen table and I left Isaac napping to run over, and then was so happy to see those great friends show up too. It made the meeting fun, and also I just feel so glad to know that these friends would change their afternoon plans for me too if I needed them to (and they have!)

+ And of course there are all the little and big things every day too!

Also, as I was getting ready to go over to that meeting yesterday, I was struck by how wonderful Jordan was to make it work for me. It wasn't any kind of emergency, but I wanted to go and he was happy to adjust his already really overwhelming work day to make it work for me. I kept thinking through the afternoon "remember this!" (So, I'm writing it down! :)