Monday, December 17, 2018

Home again! (+ a day in bed)

hotel room duck-duck-goose with cousins!

We had a great, full few days in Provo spending time with family and celebrating Nathan and Rachel's wedding! (more later, maybe :)

We got back late Saturday and jumped back in to regular life with Sunday morning church (including Jordan filling in with a Christmas primary lesson), a fun Young Women's brunch and presidency meeting, Landon's setting apart in the Deacon's quorum presidency, ward choir... a happy, full Sunday.

Except... halfway through choir (hooray for Christmas music!), I wasn't feeling so great and I finally realized I needed to just go home and climb back into bed -- I hurried across the snowy field and managed to make it home before I got really sick. Blegh.

But, I felt so loved when Jordan gathered all the kids together in the front room for a family meeting, and I listened from bed, hearing little bits and pieces of 'Mom's sick, and I have a really big week ahead, and we're going to need some help...' Fortunately it seems to be a short bug, since I'm feeling better today than yesterday,  and I'm finishing up (well, starting + hopefully finishing!) Christmas shopping from bed today :)