Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Today's the day! (new carpet!)

We've been waiting for about a year and a half to get started on this new carpet! Our basement flooded in the fall (not last fall, but the fall before!) and we had to do some drywall replacement and while we were at it started a few other projects. We also needed to replace the carpet downstairs, but since we'd long wanted to replace the carpet upstairs we decided we'd do it all together. But then we needed to finish the other projects, and paint before carpet, and whatever else... Last Christmas (starting the day after Christmas a year ago!) we had someone come and paint for us almost everywhere. Then we were ready for carpet but we had all sorts of back and forth issues with ordering it and then I just couldn't get myself to choose something else....

Finally (finally!) this October I decided to start smaller and just get some carpet ordered so we could make some kind of progress. With all the steps along the way, and some scheduling issues... here we finally are in January with new carpet in progress!

It was a pretty fun morning with the boys,  moving books with Isaac "I'm helping with the books!", bookshelves with Porter "Did you see? It was way over there and now it's way over here!" And then watching as the carpet installer cut and ripped out the old carpet and pad. And playing puzzles and playdough at the kitchen table so the boys wouldn't get too close.

Hooray for some progress at last! And hopefully I'll love it so we can keep going and finish this project!