Thursday, January 17, 2019

Parent Teacher Conferences

At the last SCC meeting for Mount Logan, we were talking about Parent Teacher Conferences and what improvements might be made. Someone asked a teacher how many of the parents who came were those she actually needed to see. And I loved her response - 
"Well, I know what you're asking, but I need to see them all! Some I need to see to talk about what their kids can do to be more successful in my class, and some I need to see to talk about how awesome their kids are doing in my class."

Sometimes we've skipped out on conferences, but we went yesterday and I felt like it really was good for Landon (and me) to just meet his teachers in person and hear about the good things he's doing. 

And I loved how he walked into each classroom with a cheerful greeting for his teachers and left each room with a friendly "Have a good night!"

As we went from class to class, we walked this stretch outside and I loved how Landon without even thinking walked the whole pathway in the snow (rather than the shoveled sidewalk :) It reminded me of this funny elementary drop off day -

There had been a ton of snow, and I had pulled up right in front of the main doors at the school. There was a neat pathway all shoveled - a straight shot from our van door to the school. Instead of taking that shoveled walkway though, Landon hopped out and ran a super wide semi circle to the door right through the piles and piles of snow. 

I sure love this kid.