Tuesday, January 15, 2019

that January clean up time

This weekend, I finally hit the point where the loveliness of our empty living spaces was overcome by the chaos of all the bedrooms filled with all the stuff. So, the boys and I worked hard and got all the bookshelves and books (oh the books, books, books, books!) put back where they belong.  (I love these little helpers!) The kids requested a piano move, so we switched things up a little with some bookshelf swapping around. And I tried to clear out our books a bit so that they could all fit back on our shelves.  I also tried to only bring back out the things that I really wanted so that we could still keep a little of that great clean feel!


+ I've found that with our new carpet, all the little things that end up on the floor don't bother me as much - it turns out board books and duplos and hair ties and crayons are lovelier on clean carpet!

+ Here's my goal by the end of the month - I want to get our whole house clean (tidy) (all the rooms clean, all at the same time!)  That sounds ridiculous because, aren't most people's houses usually tidy? BUT, that's my goal and I'm hopeful we'll make it! :)

+ Because I wanted to finish by the end of the year for the donations tax deduction (and because I was prepping for the house mix up with the carpet install) I was working hard at the end of the year to clear out any extra stuff that I could send to DI. And I thought (seriously) we were going to be pretty well set till even next year maybe... But, we're two weeks in and we've had one drop off already and another big bag full almost ready. (Where does all this extra stuff come from?)