Thursday, January 31, 2019

Reading Lately (Fall 2018)

The Candymakers - I really like Wendy Mass - fun and silly and creative. This one about a chocolate maker's son was fun and made me think maybe I don't need to feel so bad about how much I enjoy candy :) (though I still wasn't necessarily completely convinced at how magical it is either!)

The List - I had a thorough complaint crafted in my mind about this book and why it shouldn't be in the children's section at the library, but it's been long enough that some of my angst has faded (I mean, look at that cover! It looks so sweet and compelling!) But I do remember it was quite disturbing for a children's book - lots of violence and death and torture. (Also, just quite over the top in environmentalism - though I have to admit I questioned what I was throwing away a little more even after reading this...) Definitely not a favorite.

I'd Rather Be Reading - I liked her list of literary confessions - and there are more here on her blog that were fun to read.  I also loved her story of how living next door to the library kind of formed who she became. I definitely feel like the library was a big part of my growing up. (Like this cute tote bag :)

A Year Down Yonder - One from my bookshelf that I enjoyed re-reading - I loved this grandma! Also, one semester in college, I ended up at the end of the semester with about $100 that felt like "extra" money (I can't remember the details...) and I decided I'd totally splurge and spend it all on books (from this new online book-buying place I'd heard about from a professor called amazon :) This came from that little collection and I love the memory as much as those books.

Boys Against Girls - Landon's 5th grade teacher read a few books from this series to his class and Landon just loved them. I finally read one and it was cute, and mostly I loved it for how Landon had loved it and loved that teacher.

Becoming Naomi Leon - I'm pretty sure I've read this twice now in the last little while and somehow I can't keep the story in my head. Still I remember liking it and I'll likely grab it from the library again in the next couple years and enjoy it all over again. :)

Favored Daughter - If there ever was a more appropriate "one of these books is not like the others" it would be this one! I was totally hooked on this (since I knew very little of the history, I was so anxious to find out what was going to happen, how things were going to turn out!) I ended up finishing it feeling disappointed with it, but glad that I'd read it for the better understanding I got.

Once Upon A Marigold - A favorite happy, silly story from my bookshelf. I just realized there is a 'thrice upon' and I'm excited to read that too!

The Ministry of Ordinary Places - My favorite book on this list for sure. Also, I loved her instagram today.  I love the way she sees things.

What Alice Forgot - I read an edited copy of this (via sharpie censoring :) and it was a really interesting storyline of waking up one day and forgetting everything that had happened in the last 10 years or so... Also, I realized that I hadn't really (ever? hardly ever?) read any modern adult fiction like this. For example where the main character was a working mom/PTA mom/gym going mom... that was all just kind of new to me!

Princess Academy (The Forgotten Sisters & Palace of Stone) - I was listening go Palace of Stone over the course of a year or more and never quite got into it, but I finally got a hard copy and zipped right through it and the next book as well. Very fun Shannon Hale stories.