Thursday, January 24, 2019

poor kiddos

We've had a week now of sick kiddos at our house. Ellie was first, and we almost thought the rest of us would make it through without catching it, but then poor Isaac got sick and that was the end of that hope... (though I'm still washing my hands/sanitizing like crazy and hope-hope-hoping not to get this!)

Yesterday 4 of the kids were home. Ellie was feeling much better though, and loved having a day full of making programs and plays on This morning I was playing a game with Owen and realized I hadn't seen Isaac for a little while. We finally all started searching with just a bit of worry and Jordan found him back asleep in his little tent. Not too long after he got up a second time, he was climbing back in to bed to try to avoid taking some medicine, and it wasn't long before he was fast asleep again. Poor guy.

I had prayed for help to better show love to my family, and I'm certainly finding lots of  ways to love and serve these few days with popsicles, stories, orange juice, blankets, hugs, tuck-ins, movies, and medicine...