Friday, January 11, 2019

little things to remember

Just a few sweet little memories from the last little while:

This afternoon as I put Isaac down for his nap, I said "Momma loves you" like I always do, but today Isaac said back quietly, "I love you too!"

The last few days when I tell the boys it's time for lunch, Porter will say "Yep. And I'm making it!" And then he does! Our counter/sometimes floor are a mess when he's done, but he is a great little lunch chef. He'll ask Isaac "What do you want for lunch today?" And Isaac will answer (almost always) 'cheese roll ups!' (loll-ups). Also, I loved this little picture above of Porter's robot costume and how funny it was watching him try to figure out how to eat in that "Isaac, put my plate right here..."

Landon has loved playing at the mounds with his friends the past few weeks. When the snowplows come through the church parking lots, they leave some great mountains, and one of those at a building by his friend's house was named the mounds (and I think having a name makes it that much more amazing :)  and they've had such a fun time digging/tunneling/etc. there for hours!

Ellie and I have started reading the Book of Mormon together each day, and it has been a great sweet time for us.

Every time it's time for Owen to practice piano, it's kind of an ordeal to get him started. But every time he starts to practice, he keeps playing and playing and playing after his timer stops.  It has been so fun to watch him work on some harder songs for him and really sticking with it, working bit by bit through them till he has them mastered.

Yesterday, we got our first stain on our new carpet (a stepped on/smooshed in clay model of the earth's layers.) I was frustrated and stressed and pretty much storming around... I'd sent the kids out while I tried to clean the carpet, then found Porter and Isaac in the kitchen mixing concoctions of milk, water, hot cocoa mix, curry powder... finally Isaac said to me "How 'bout... you be happy?" and I was so grateful for this sweet boy helping me get over all my grumpyness. (Also, while I went back to working on the carpet, he came in and gave me a little hug and said in a quiet voice "here to help you!")