Friday, January 18, 2019


I'm kind of loving the winter this year. The colors, the coziness inside, the kids' playfulness, the winter birds chirping (we have a group of trees full of robins outside right now singing at each other!) I've never loved winter, but this year I think I do!

Yesterday was a day of birthday prep (Ellie had planned on sledding, but we had rain and rain and rain so we needed some new plans!)  She had a happy birthday celebration with lots of fun inside games and we had a full house of happy girls.

Today, Ellie woke with a sore throat and stayed home from school. I was feeling anxious about getting sick, so I'd been having her stick to her room mostly, but Jordan had a calm work day and extra sick leave so he's taking the afternoon off and reading to her downstairs while she builds paper crafts from her birthday. (Ha, Ellie just walked upstairs to say "Mom, I think Dad's asleep...")

Landon has the day off and spent the morning working on the choose-your-own-adventure story he's writing for a school competition, waiting for a friend to play, and reading, all-the-while with his headphones on for music. Now he's sledding with a friend at the park ( I love that perfect not-too-steep,long, or fast sledding hill! :)

I took Owen and Porter to the school's 'moms and muffins' activity this morning and loved starting reading the first two chapters of Frindle with them.

I asked Landon if he'd like to play a game or something and Isaac said "I'd like to!" with more enthusiasm so we 'built' the caterpillar puzzle and played with the marble game with Porter till it was time for kindergarten.

Also, Jordan and I bought tickets last night for an upcoming trip to New York - and for the first time since we've had kids, we bought tickets for just the two of us (!!)