Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Jordan came home from a trip to Lee's with Porter yesterday and surprised everyone with mini pink sugar cookies, "Happy Tuesday of the week of the first day of Valentine's Day month..." (or something like that)
(I saw the pink and red m&m's out and almost bought them for cookies, but didn't since it wasn't yet February, but I was happy for Jordan's early celebration :)

A few things I've loved in January:
+ Helping take care of my kiddos and getting to show a little extra love and tenderness to them while they've been sick.
+ So many beautiful days
+ A few neighborhood walks and remembering how much I love both our neighborhood and walking.
+ New carpet and how much nicer it makes everything look!
+ Get well flowers from Jordan and a Tuesday flowers plant too

A few things I'm looking forward to in February:
+ No more colds/flus? (please?)
+ Red and pink and white and hearts and all the cuteness
+ Making Valentine's with the kids (especially Porter for the first time)
+ Taxes (weird, I know, but I like this!)
+ Knowing Spring is on the way! :)