Tuesday, January 8, 2019

more snow!

Showing Isaac the progress of her fort

Ellie came home from school yesterday and raced to get her jobs done as fast as she could so she could play in the snow.  Owen just dropped off his backpack and had his snow pants on before I could suggest after school jobs, and he was so excited that I just let it go. And these kiddos just played and played and played until dinner time! I thought they'd be ready to warm up by then, but instead they begged to eat outside on their snow chairs at their snow table... so they had a two person picnic! They finally made it back inside when the sun went down at the end of their picnic and they realized it was a little cold! :)  Such a happy, snowy afternoon!

And, today it is just as beautiful as can be with bright clear blue skies, sunshine, and all this lovely snow!