Thursday, January 3, 2019

And, Saturday is the day! (new carpet continued...)

It turns out the carpet installation was a little trickier than expected (we have a weird layout around our living room loop...) so our obstacle-course day has been extended a bit with a repeat coming on Saturday when they come to finish the job. But -- the great news is - I like the new carpet!  I was only able to finally order something because of the 90-day exchange window, but I think this is going to be just fine - hooray!

Other things this week...
+ Back to school for all the kiddos after Christmas break - it's tough to go back!
+ Back to normal work life for Jordan after a successful New Year's Eve launch of all the new TPT tax efforts he's been working on - yay!
+ A pizza movie party in the basement last night while the carpet installer finished up what he could. (We finished Christopher Robin which was very sweet.)
+ Helping in Porter's class yesterday - I always just love this so much. We read about forces and made a little roller coaster and I'm learning these kiddos names and it's so fun to just see Porter as a little kindergartener.
+ And I love each day when I drop him off, watching him walk into the building, just the way Porter does. 
+ Beautiful wintery days - cold, but blue sky and sunshine. 
+ Crazy van doors that suddenly won't open/close as they should. Owen hopped out the wrong door this morning when I dropped him off at school, and I stood there almost in tears trying to get that door closed again with my morning hands! (Later, Landon made the same mistake but offered to close it and I realized after watching him that it would have been pretty tricky even without the stiff hands!)
+ Everything from our living room and reading room is piled up in the bedrooms right now, and it's so lovely having things so clean and empty (plus lovely clean fresh carpet!) that I almost don't want to bring anything back out! Except, it wouldn't take long before all those neat stacks of books covering the floor became quite a problem, and at some point we may want to have real bedrooms with walkways again... I'll enjoy the neatness out here though while we wait these few days to finish the carpet!