Monday, January 14, 2019

weekend report

We stopped to pick up Landon from a friend's house over the weekend and Ellie, looking at these snow mounds across the street, asked from the back seat "Can I just go climb on that for one minute?"

Other weekend happenings:

+ more anki race track time (I wasn't actually sure Jordan (or the kids) would love this Christmas present, but he (and they!) did and the set seems to expand by an extra piece or two every time it comes out! :)
+ navigating a new parenting challenge we hadn't met yet, and feeling very grateful for a kind friend's advice and support
+ a fun dinner out with the kids (minus Landon who was with friends)
+ a temple trip
+ ward conference (minus Jordan who was home with sick Porter)
+ making blueberry muffins to have ready for school lunches this morning
+ fun Sunday afternoon piano/cello/singing recordings for Jordan and the kids
+ Sunday family gospel study time (we're still figuring this out :)
+ more snow fun for the kids with a half day Friday
+ playing with friends
+ birthday party planning and invitation making with Ellie