Tuesday, January 29, 2019

cute birthday present

On Ellie's birthday, Porter was super excited about his idea for her birthday present. We walked around the house and he took pictures of things that Ellie likes (her snow fort outside, her kids cookbook, art projects she had made, etc.) Then we printed them, and he cut and taped them to these streamers and I helped him tape them up into place. I loved it. (Ellie did too -and they're still up 2 weeks later! :)

*Also, Porter's feeling better today! He's home from school for one more day (since yesterday he was still in bed all day and he's still coughing/sniffling) but this morning he has made a giant paper tape ball, a  mini-whiteboard, some kind of folded paper invention, and a few other things too -- and he's not yet been back to bed since he got up this morning  - hooray!