Friday, February 1, 2019

Welcome February!

Landon 2009 (I'm reminded so often of how we thought Landon was just basically a grown up at this age (not really, but we sure thought he was so grown up, where by now we've learned that a two-year-old is really a two-year-old!) 
This month, I'm looking forward to:

a watercolor class (online) that I started in January

my personal gospel study with the Come Follow Me program

one new recipe (maybe this chicken curry - my neighbor called to borrow curry this morning and when I dropped it off,  the recipe looked super yummy! or these cinnamon rolls (I know I won't, that's too many steps for me right now! :)

at least a few times on one of these beautiful cold but bright blue sky days

something sweet and tender and not too long so if I get hooked I won't abandon my family too long...(any ideas?)

to kids practicing piano and cello - I'm loving this these days.

cutting and taping
lots and lots of hearts up on our kitchen wall

more cookies with the kids (Owen made cookies (these!) for the first time yesterday "and I only forgot one step - to add the flour - and it didn't matter because you were here!"

the process for getting more carpet (yay!)

my goal of getting all the rooms tidy at the same time (we were close last month!)

for a few extra ways to show love in this love-themed month