Friday, February 15, 2019

thank you notes

You know when you vacuum, and you have to kind of hold the coils of cord in one hand to keep the cord out of the vacuum's path as you go? Earlier this week I was watching these little behind-the-scenes featurettes, and I saw in a few tiny snippets that there was a person who was basically doing that for his job -- holding the cords up as he followed behind the cameras while they moved around. Something about that (plus all the behind the scenes hard work by so many people) just had me thinking these last few days about how everyone doing their little part really just matters.

Our school crossing guard is so fabulous at this. Even though we've been driving through the winter, I still notice the great job she does. Besides her every day cheerful greetings, she finds little ways to make a difference. This week for Valentine's Day, she had a bright box out and she'd stop each child crossing to let them choose some cute little Valentine prize. At the beginning of the school year, she gave the kids each a  pencil with a little note inscribed on the side "from your crossing guard".

And she brings a snow shovel with her! If there aren't kids crossing right then, instead of warming up in her car for a minute,  she'll be shoveling the neighbor's walks to make the pathway to school just a little easier.

I guess I'm just grateful today for all those people who do their little part in such sweet, loving ways.