Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Ellie and her friend were talking about the weekend on the way to school on Monday morning, and Ellie said "For the first time in my life I saw my Mom go sledding!"

Her sweet excitement just made me so happy. I think I've only been once since we've lived here, and probably three times total before that (!) (Ellie also said, when I grow up I'm going to keep sledding!)

I didn't want to go too fast, so I'd take a few steps down the (teeny tiny) hill before I started (sometimes too many steps and I couldn't even get moving, ha!) Landon on the other hand would set the sled on the top, take several steps back, then run and belly flop onto his sled face-first and use his hands to speed himself up just a little more on his way down! 

I was even brave enough to take Porter once (after Jordan let Porter and Isaac go together on a more mini-hill - super cute, those two boys!)

The kids do a lot of sledding, but this was our first whole family sledding time in a long time and it was very fun! 

Also, cute, this Isaac on our way back (he's learned well from his siblings) "Can we have hot chocolate now?