Tuesday, February 19, 2019

President's Day Weekend

What a nice weekend. Jordan and the boys worked together to put up our wintertime little/big trampoline in Jordan's downstairs office (after the great lego cleanup by Landon with lots of help from others too). Porter and Isaac spent a lot of the day yesterday jumping and bouncing and playing on the trampoline, and Isaac has started to tell a story of when he has a birthday and he will open a new trampoline in a big, big box!

I finished a book and practiced some handwriting and worked on my watercolor class and  made muffins and went for a couple of walks even!

Jordan and a few of the kids ran/rode bikes to Lee's (this was so interesting - in the 30 minutes it took to leave from the time we mentioned going, it seemed like each of the kids had at least 2 or 3 (or 5 or 6) rounds of "I'm not going!" to "Please, can I go?!" and then back again!)

We made hotel reservations for our trip to New York later this year (!)

We cleaned the whole house (twice even! more later :) had friends over and kids off to play with friends, some sledding for a few of the kids... I took Porter to the basketball fun-shot activity, Jordan and the kids played SeaFall, we went to church and had our Sunday family study time, grabbed a mish-mash of dinner one night from 3 different restaurants, Jordan and Porter played guitar (with Jordan's fancy guitar even!)

And lots of other things too :)