Wednesday, February 27, 2019

warming up!

Things are warming up around here! The last a few days we had a pretty steady drip, drip, dripping as the temperatures rose and the snow and ice on our roof melted. And our front yard is no longer lovely white piles of snow, but more (like above) of a gunky grey leafy mess (but a mess that means spring is on the way, so I don't mind!)

 A few days ago, Jordan offered to walk to the school to pick up all the kids. I was pretty sure there would be some intense complaining (and we were picking up a neighbor who I wasn't sure would love the surprise of walking/scootering home), so I also drove over just in case. But when the kids saw the pile of scooters on top of the Bob (stroller), they were just as happy as can be for the walk home, so I drove back home and went for a walk of my own!

I kind of actually loved the winter this year, and the kids seem to feel a little sad that the winter is nearing an end! Of course, 'nearing' means we still have a couple months with likely snow every once in a while, but still -- it's warming up and at least Jordan and I are feeling excited about being able to enjoy some more walks and bike rides and other fun outside time.