Monday, February 25, 2019

Ice Skating

Porter has been asking to go ice skating and last week we finally made it to 'Hot Chocolate Club'! Isaac was super excited to try skating for the first time too -- He stepped out onto the ice for about 2 seconds then quickly said "I'm done!" Then he'd ride around in the stroller with me, and every few minutes he'd tell me again "I'm ready now!" And we'd repeat the few-second skating attempts.  

Porter was a trapper with his great little walker, and every once in a while he'd push it away as far as he could and skate to it "My goal is to catch up to it without falling!" (And he did :)

Every time we go skating, I'm surprised how much I like it and how much fun I have. But, every time my ankles hurt so much that it's hard to stick with it very long... what's the secret? 

There are a few ladies that are always there when we go and I love seeing them glide around, practicing little lifts or spins - nothing too fancy, but just so fun. (Also, there was a little boy about Porter's age there this time who was just racing around in his hockey skates - wow!)

We went a few times in the summer and it was a perfect cool activity, and after going last week I'm excited to go again (if I can figure out an ankle solution!)