Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Yay for Ellie

Ready for her Christmas concert

Twice a week, Ellie gets up early or races through just her most important morning jobs to be ready to leave for orchestra an hour before school. Usually she'll get a ride with a friend and be out the door with just an "I love you, bye!" from me before I'm even ready to get up. 

This morning, I was driving - so I crawled out of bed and drove through the dark in my pjs on the crunchy-with-ice roads. The girls all loaded and unloaded their cellos and back packs and music bags and off they went. And I felt so proud of this Ellie (and all these early morning orchestra kids!) Sometimes I feel frustrated with our kids when they make a big deal about little jobs or complain about things that don't seem complaint-worthy... because I want them to be grateful for all the good in their lives and to be great hard workers....

Watching Ellie and her friends make their way in to the building, with the icy wind blowing and their arms full, I was so proud of Ellie for cheerfully doing this hard thing! It's not easy to wake up early and rush to get out the door and remember to practice and all that. I'm grateful I got to notice a little better this morning this great thing she is doing!