Wednesday, February 6, 2019

laundry solution/writing thoughts

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For a long (looooonnnnnng) time, I felt like I always had a blog post in process in my mind. In the shower, trying to fall asleep at night, on a morning walk, while I was doing whatever I would later write about...

After a year or two of very little writing, that little always-writing voice finally let up a little, and I realized it was kind of a nice farewell! 

When I started to write here again, I made a rule that I'd just write when it was time to write, but otherwise my brain was a 'no-writing-allowed' space. I'm not perfect at this at all, it still comes up often, but I can usually switch courses (except late at night when it can be tricky to quiet that part of my brain.)

I think that my old strategy probably ended up with better writing (since by the time I typed the words, I'd written and rewritten each post many times in my mind!) and not so many random thoughts kinds of posts (but this is not my job, so I can write anything I want. :)  

Certainly this way gives me more space to think and energy to enjoy all the moments that are happening as they happen. 

And now (unrelated), a laundry solution -- a year or so ago I listened to The Lazy Genius Does Laundry on a long drive. A few months later, I decided to try out her all-in-one-day suggestion. And it has been super great, so I've wanted to share the happiness! 

Monday is laundry day (and usually Tuesday too, but barely ever also Wednesday, and probably only once Thursday :) 

All the other days, I don't have to think about laundry at all. One of my favorite parts is that I always know that all the Sunday clothes are going to be clean and dry on Sunday morning, because they were all washed on Monday. Also, somehow I like the feel of this job on a Monday to kind of ease back in to all the things at the beginning of a new week. And it's really just such a great feeling of satisfaction to have all the laundry done. (Even if it only lasts a few short hours -- I get to enjoy that 'all done' feeling every week!)