Monday, February 11, 2019

Saturday Plans

Valentine painting with cardboard tube hearts :) (When Porter hears Jordan and the kids are going to play SeaFall, he's either super sad "I'll be so bored!" Or super excited "Mom, can we paint?!")
After a few things in the morning (a basketball game for Landon and having some friends over for our monthly temple-going kid swap), our Saturday was open so Jordan helped us make some happy plans to fill it. He had a whole voting system set up to get everyone's favorite suggestions included - I thought it would just be fun to remember these:

The top three Saturday to-do ideas:

+ Go Sledding (check!)
+ Make a Brazilian Dinner (check!)
+ Eat Candy (ha!) (check, check, check!)

And the runners-up (which I think all happened at some point during the day too):

+ Play Anki
+ Play Legos
+ Play SeaFall (Jordan + big kids)
+ Play with friends

My ideas for 'go on a walk and listen to a podcast' or 'clean the guest room' didn't get too many votes! :) Jordan is great at coming up with fun plans for us - I'm grateful for how he helps us have these happy times!