Friday, February 8, 2019

our wild wall

We stepped inside this little t-shirt shop in Rio after we'd walked along the Copacabana beach in Brazil (I think we were looking for some cheap flip flops for Landon who had run straight into the ocean and then realized a day of walking with soggy shoes wasn't so lovely :) I loved the bright, crazy walls and last year (with some help and encouragement from Jordan) made our own wild wall in the basement: 

(Ellie showing off our New Year's Eve Snack Feast)

And another fun fact: There used to be a closet where that wall is now, and when we took the closet out, we had to build a second layer of framing/dry wall to cover up some plumbing things. Before we covered it, I let the kids help color patterns and designs all over the wall:

Just the other day, one of the kids asked "Mom, where is that wall that we all colored on?" and when I explained that it was covered up now under the wild flowery wall, they were pretty disappointed, even after my explanation of the super cool secret that only we know about,  "but then we can't see our designs!" (I didn't have the heart to explain how that was the plan all along... :)

I'm not sure how long this  wild version of the wall will last, but with all of our other calm pretty grey walls to enjoy, it has also been fun to have this one bright, silly spot too.