Wednesday, February 20, 2019

memory book

Porter 2014
For a few months around the time Porter turned one, I was posting to Instagram every once in a while. A year or so ago I went back and looked at all those old posts, and was so touched at the sweet memories captured there. (Especially because that felt like a really hard time, so it was wonderful to see all the tender, sweet moments that were happening right alongside the harder ones.)

I just ordered a little book with all those photos, and over the last few days it has been so fun to see the kids loving to look through all the pictures and reading the little captions.

Little baby/toddler Porter is the cutest, and the kids all loved the funniest caption that came from 3-year-old Owen,
From Owen today, choosing a movie "I can't watch Ninjago today because it's not a Ninja day. When I grow up, sometimes I will say to my children "It's Ninja Day!"