Thursday, May 9, 2019

A few good books

One of these days, I'll catch up on my reading lately posts, but for now here are a couple of memorable books we've been reading: 

Real Friends by Shannon Hale

I picked this up at the library, hoping it was one Ellie might like. It's a childhood memoir, but written as a graphic novel (a combination that I loved!) 

The amazing thing about this book though, is that Landon, Ellie, and Owen all loved it. For example -- I saw Ellie re-reading it one afternoon and said something about it and Landon said from the other room "Oh, I've read that like six times!" I think Ellie read it at least three times, and Owen (who is a great reader, but so far hasn't had much interest in reading) has also read it at least twice! I thought it was just really great to find a book that all three of them enjoyed so much!

Becoming by Michelle Obama (particularly the "Becoming Me" and "Becoming Us" parts)

I started listening to this in New York and finished in the week or so after we returned home. I loved the first half, and was sad to pass the half way mark knowing it would have to end (and this was about a 20 hour audio book, so that was pretty long!) I loved the stories of her childhood, and her young adult life (As she met Barack and their relationship continued I was counting the years backwards and surprised as I listened along how late in the story politics became involved). 

I didn't love the White House years ("Becoming More" -- though the 'life in the White House' part was very interesting) - it was just a little too political for me (understandably!)  Had I been reading instead of listening I would have skimmed a lot more through this part and enjoyed it more -- I kept thinking about how much I enjoyed Steve Young's autobiography minus all the football stuff :) What I really missed in this part was some recognition that those who didn't agree with their policies might also be good, decent people like so many of those who did support them. 

Another library pick, I've been reading this with Porter over the last few days and it is just delightful. It's like "Joyful Noise", but for younger readers, and I've loved reading it with Porter!