Wednesday, May 15, 2019

two fun sandwiches

Early in the school year, we watched this video about pb&j in space. Since then, Porter chooses 'space sandwiches' about every other day. Something about it just makes me so happy each time he asks for these. 

Also, when Landon was a toddler, I started making these circle sandwiches (Isaac's above) by cookie-cuttering a peanut butter jelly sandwich with the peanut butter lid (Costco size, so not as much sandwich goes to waste). Still going strong ten years later, these were one of my great mom discoveries! 

I like lunch time with these two boys. I eat later, so usually I just sit and talk with them while we listen to some fun and happy kids music, and then we get ready to take Porter to kindergarten. I'm going to miss the mornings with these two boys next school year, but I'll just enjoy it for now!