Wednesday, May 29, 2019

green and growing

With a few weeks of rainy, rainy days, our world is so green and lovely! And, today is our first sunshiny day with no rain in the very near forecast so it is bright and beautiful. I've been helping take take care of a friends' garden and since it was so rainy, I hadn't really checked on it that much because it wasn't needing to be watered at all. When I finally looked more carefully, everything had grown and grown! (Even to the point that I couldn't recognize several things and had to ask another friend to come help me figure out what everything was! :)

Mostly, there was tons of spinach needing to be used up, so this morning I made spinach muffins and spinach pesto (this was cups and cups of spinach and there is still so much to pick and use!) and some dill bread (in the breadmaker -- there is also a lot of dill and the only other dill recipe I know is gyros, so maybe we'll have those soon too!) We are going to have some spinach salad (me) and arugula salad (Jordan) for lunch in a few minutes. And I'll need to think of some dinner plans with lots of spinach and lettuce for the next little while! This is the first year I've tried any greens in the garden (ours are just barely sprouting now though ;) but I'm excited about it after seeing how well all of this grows!