Friday, May 3, 2019

this week

Isaac and I have this same conversation almost every day as we drive to pick up the kids from school and pass the field of construction:

"Did the workers build the new school yet?"
"Not yet, they're still working on it"
"Why are they building a new school?"

Other fun things this week (May is always packed with so many school-related activities coming up before the end of the year!):

International Night --The kids each (with varying levels of willingness) performed a couple of songs and dances from other countries, and we had fun visiting all the stations and watching the other performances. One of the really fun things we got to do when we were in Brazil was attend the International Night of one of the dual language immersion elementary schools there. The older classes put on a Magic School Bus play (in English!) and then it was very much like our event with each of the grades performing, lots of fun food to eat, and displays from other countries around the world. (I remember one group danced to Pharell Williams "Happy" with white t-shirts and red baseball caps to represent the U.S.)

Ellie's orchestra concert -- I loved that she asked me as we were leaving if she could sign up for 2nd year orchestra next year - yay!

A funny young women's activity -- the older girls 'kidnapped' the younger girls and we went out for doughnuts. (I can remember something similar from when I was 12 and how I think I anticipated it was going to happen on a Saturday morning, so I tried to wear my favorite pjs to bed each Friday night 'just in case'!)

Soccer practices and games...

A neighborhood spring social at the church last night -- with scones and bounce houses that the kids (even Isaac!) loved.

A birthday party for Owen - with a super fun game I made up (programmed by Jordan) that was an electronic-scavenger hunt-clue solving-beat the time sort of game. I was excited for it and the kids loved it, so that was a win! :)

Another lego robotics demo by Jordan and Owen in Portuguese + practice and prep for that.

And now, happy weekend!