Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's Day conversations + more painting to come :)

A beginning rough-sketch of my Mother's Day flowers (that I drew today while talking to Porter and Isaac and encouraging them to keep eating their cheese roll ups and apple slices for lunch)

The kids brought a home a fun little game for Mother's Day (something I'd seen before, but I think maybe hadn't taken the time to actually do?) - A bag of m&m's with questions to ask for each color. I took time with Porter, Ellie, and Owen to each play on their own and it was a very sweet game. We got to tell each other about favorite days, bad days, things we love about each other, and other silly and serious topics. It made me really want to take more time for little conversations like this more often. 

A couple of answers I can remember from the kids: 
A bad day: "every Monday when I am going back to school" "All the days before Christmas or a birthday or something exciting -- they aren't bad, but they just feel so long because you're so excited about the next day!" 

A good day: "Christmas! It's like everything is just so fun on that day -- we have a yummy breakfast, and stockings are fun, and presents are fun, and we have yummy lunch and dinner, and we get to play with all our new things, and it's just like there is nothing bad on that day!" 

One sweet thing that came up through this (and on their little 'greatest mom ever' fill-in-the-blanks)  was about me drawing and painting -- Mom's favorite thing to do is ______ (paint!) Mom's really great at _____ (drawing) What's one of your favorite things about me? (You are great at drawing and painting!) 

Again, I know I'm not so great at this! :) But I'm learning and practicing, and it was so sweet to hear these little encouraging comments. I finished my April painting challenge and had only gotten my supplies out a couple of times since, but all their sweet comments encouraged me to keep trying and working on this!