Friday, May 10, 2019


A stop-sign taken picture on our way home from the library yesterday -- this rainbow was so lovely and so surprising because we hadn't really had any rain!
Today I feel like I'm bursting with stories and memories to share, but I just keep writing and deleting... I've noticed here on this dear old blog that the more close-to-my-heart thoughts I have, the more frivolous or silly things kind of end up on here :) That's okay though -- I'm so happy for all the silly and serious and every day thoughts I have collected.

Here are a few little things for Friday: 

* Landon has been looking forward to Friday all week for two reasons: 1) A childcare day in his FACS class that Porter and Isaac got to come in for - the little boys had a fun time and I'm excited to hear what Landon thought of it. (Also, I kind of can't believe that I'm the Mom of a 7th grader because I can so vividly remember my own preschool day in our 7th grade FACS class, how I took  my neighbor Sharla and we made little sheep pictures with cotton balls...) and 2) A new lego set (thanks to lawn mowing money :) is on it's way today "Will you check me out of school if it comes while I'm gone?" Nope. :)

* Owen's class at school has been writing letters for the Portuguese classes in other grades, and today he got to wear his mailman costume to school to be the delivery person. He has been looking forward to this all week, and I heard for the first time this morning "I am so excited to get to school!" (Bless his teacher for this sweet idea!)

* This weekend: We have been trying out some new bedroom setups this week, and I think we might do some rearranging to make them more permanent. Also, we had someone come and make some landscaping plans for us, and maybe we'll get started on those? Also, a few last soccer games, some Saturday jobs, a lesson to prepare for Young Women's on Sunday, some long-needed shopping for the kids... happy weekend!