Thursday, August 6, 2015

apple pie time

Our apples have been early this year, and since we didn't spray, we've been paying the kids pennies to clean up the wormy apples off the lawn. Earlier this week Landon and Owen were working hard and collected about 400 little apples -- and we had just enough great ones from that batch for one apple pie. (Plus a few almost great ones that the kids munched on too)

Fall is on the way! Our corner tree that always changes early has bright red leaves falling already. And the kids have just 2 weeks left of summer break and then it's back to school and a full day for Ellie! I'm going to miss this little Ellie with the new change, and Landon too, though I'm also excited for some time for just me and the little boys at home to do puzzles and play with the blue track and read books...

So I'm planning and prepping for a busy back to school time, and we're enjoying these bright warm days of summer! I picked out just a few more country books for our last school time afternoons and I'm trying to use our time well to fill these last summer days with happy adventures.