Monday, August 3, 2015

a vague memory

When I sat down to write today, I was uploading photos and for some reason my iPhoto account had scrolled back to this picture. And the moment I saw it, I felt my heart bursting and my throat aching and my eyes starting to tear up just a little bit.

A funny reaction for piles of folded laundry by my front door!   And honestly,  I can't even remember the story - but I know from those quick feelings that it was a sweet one.

I spent a minute looking for clues.  The name tags tucked inside the bags reminded me of April telling me she couldn't quite tell on some of the shirts which were mine or which were Landon's.
Though I can't remember why April would have taken baskets full of our laundry home to wash for me!

Except that I could see on the surrounding pictures that little Owen was about 6 months old. Which means he was just about hitting that point in our babies lives where they ought to be sleeping well but instead have stopped sleeping altogether (or so it feels). Our Gingko tree had just lost its leaves, so Fall was coming. And I can remember that Fall. And those sleepless nights.  And feeling like 'how can I make it through another Logan winter? Or another night?  Can I handle these quickly changing seasons? These quickly growing children? Can I handle all that life is for me right now? '

And whatever the reason was for all my laundry to end up washed and dried and folded and back at our front door, probably most of all it was an answer to a prayer. My Heavenly Father watching over me and sending sweet April to show me I wasn't alone with her loving service.

So I'm grateful for that sweet reminder again today. (And if I remembered right,  thank you again April!)