Monday, August 10, 2015

on second thought

big brother Landon meeting baby Ellie (and my favorite blanket in the background)

When Jordan read my last post about organizing and clearing things out, his first reaction was "You got rid of that blanket?!"   Which of course had me quickly start to regret my eagerness to clean things out, and wish so much that I had at least thought to keep a little piece of fabric to keep in a special spot in my drawers where I could see it and touch it whenever I wanted...

Also this weekend, I had a few minutes of panic on Sunday morning when I thought that I'd accidentally donated one of my running shoes and one of my Sunday shoes. (I keep the DI box in my closet next to my shoes, and I'd just emptied it for a drop off this weekend. Knowing how much Porter loves to play in my closet, when one of each pair of shoes was missing, I worried that he'd dropped them in the box and I'd sent them off without noticing!) Fortunately, I found them neatly packed up (thank you Porter!) in an old shoe box that normally holds my spare chacos. Phewph!

So, there you go. All of my 'yay for organizing' on Friday wasn't quite so strong on Sunday :) A funny thing about blogging is that I just record and share these little tiny snippets of what is happening, or how I feel, or what's true for me at that moment. And of course life changes and sometimes it is just funny to go back and see what I thought/felt/knew at one point and how those things may or may not last forever.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how with the age of each of our children right now, we kind of felt like we were in a sweet spot. And then the following week came and we just had some super hard, hard days.  And I remember thinking something like 'if this is our sweet spot, we are in serious trouble!'  Though  now a few more weeks have passed and we've had some hard days and some sweet days (of course) and happy and rough moments... of course.

I sure love recording the mostly sweet little moments and memories here though. And the little discoveries and thoughts and tiny little snapshots of life today, even/especially knowing how different life will be tomorrow and all the other days.