Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to School!

First day of school pics + Back to school waffles&eggs by Jordan

And they're off!

Landon raced ahead on his bike the last bit of our ride to school this morning, and happily found his new class on his own.  (I'd say 'when did he get so independent?'  but truly he would have taken himself in to kindergarten if I'd have let him :) No first day jitters for Landon ("just the tests - that's the only thing that makes me worried about school") Just happiness and excitement and looking forward to seeing and being with all his friends again.   So hooray for this great boy! I'm hoping his teachers will love him and he'll make great new friends and enjoy all of his old friends and feel happy and loved. I sure love Landon and I'm so happy he has loved school so much.

Ellie and I went to back to school night yesterday (while Landon stayed home to play Imperial Assault with Jordan)  Afterwards,  we sat under a tree at the school and Ellie had me read "The Night Before Kindergarten" ("but say First Grade instead") A silly little book with a surprise ending of all the moms and dads missing their kindergarteners (first graders) and crying and coming in for one last hug while the kids happily learned and sang and played and stood on their heads ("I don't think we'll do that in P.E. unless we put something soft down on the ground first because the gym floor is very hard...") Happily both Ellie and I avoided any farewell tears at school, but oh I sure am going to miss my little girl!

The little boys and I walked in with Ellie while she hung up her backpack by her English class, then went back to her Portuguese class (her biggest worry right now - "I can't understand anything they say!") I waited just inside the door while Ellie found her seat and started a coloring page, then she gathered all her courage and gave me a little "I'm ready to stay on my own now" nod.  And off we went. And I've just been  sending happy, brave thoughts her way all day today and hoping the best for her first full day of school!

And now on to another new stage of life with these little ones,  just me and these two little boys filling our days together!

A quieter lunchtime today with me and the little boys!